Market Mood Answers

Chart 1 is a GO sign

Chart 2 is a STOP sign

Chart 3 is a GO sign

Chart 4 is a GO sign

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  1. A Vela says:

    Thanks, I got 4 out of 4, hope that doesn’t give me a bigger head than I already have. But like a lot of other things, if you put in the work and effort, I do think you’ll eventually understand this stock market stuff a little better (even tho some say it can’t be explained!) Thanks again, AV

  2. kenneth gister says:

    what is the averaging period for the ATR? This isn’t given in the
    book or on the website.

  3. .r says:

    on what site do u suggest we can place both the djua and spx simultaneously–to compare them? I am having difficulty finding place–in which to do this

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