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  1. carol albano says:

    Hi Gordon! I lreally appreciate having access to your market analysis sessions. The last one I could access was on June 1.
    I have not been able to get JUNE 8 recording. I’d still love to hear it.
    I hope it will be possible for me to access your JUNE 15 session .
    I really appreciate your book, incredible insights, humor, patience, skill and wisdom. Andrew Lenoard has been leading our group based on what he has learned form you. I have my stop losses in place but I need more confidence to get comfortable shorting the market and executing small day trades. I enjoy learning about the market.
    Warmest Regards, Carol Albano

    • Gordon Scott says:

      Thanks Carol!

      Unfortunately sometimes the recording files get corrupted and don’t come out right. The June 8 recording was not usable so I’ll just have to make June 15th doubly good! Andrew has told me about you guys so I’m glad you found your way here!


  2. carol albano says:

    Hi! Thanks for responding. I don’t see June 15th recording here , yet. I am looking forward to hearing your insights, especially on shorting the market. I have heard all the recordings thru June 1. Carol

    • carol albano says:

      Hi Gordon! The June 22,2015 recording was glitch free, easy to access , and very helpful and insightful. I always learn so much listening to your lectures. I appreciate you making them available to me.
      Warmest Regards, Carol

  3. carol albano says:

    Thanks, Gordon! I really enjoy Over the Hedge. It is very helpful, thank you for including me.

  4. carol albano says:

    Hi Gordon! I appreciate being included in the recordings. It was helpful August 3 recording was available immediately . I am enjoying studying your analysis and approach. I feel a little anxious about how well I can handle a bear market, when it comes, but I am slowly learning the skill set required. Using your approach with mostly individual stocks, I am beating the S&P so far 2015 but think the next few months will be interesting. I encourage people to handle their own portfolio. The stock market is interesting and dynamic.
    Warmest Regards, Carol

  5. carol albano says:

    Is there a recording link for August 17???

  6. carol albano says:

    Hi! I can not get the Sept 14 recording to play. Is the link broken??
    Best, carol

  7. carol albano says:

    Hi Gordon! Is there a link for October 12, Columbus day?
    If I do not see one today, I will assume there is not a recording for 10/12 as it is a holiday.
    Thank you for your time and help.
    Warmest Regards, Carol

  8. Please post Nov 2 recording as I came late and did not hear all. Thank you! Carol

  9. Are you going to have a webinar Nov 9?

  10. carol albano says:

    Hi! Was there a webinar for November 9,2015? I really enjoy your webinars and hope you are planning to continue them. I am really more of an investor rather than day trader but appreciate your insights on how the markets work and how you read the charts. i follow your program that you laid out in your book. i am just getting back into the market after the stop sign and am still waiting to see if there will be a 56 week dip. Last year was quite profitable but this year not so good as I am not as skilled shorting the market. We are not at the end of the year yet either. I find the chart reading and insights intriguing and look forward to the future.
    Warmest Regards, Carol

  11. carol albano says:

    Gordon, Please post the 11/16 webinar ASAP as I missed the first half. Thank You! Carol

  12. carol albano says:

    Hi Gordon! Did you make a recording for December 7th.? Please post it if you did. I always enjoy hearing your “take” about what the market mood is. I appreciate all your insights. Thank You!
    Warmest Regards,

  13. carol says:

    Happy New Year! I want to experss graditude for your book and your insights. It helped keep me grounded during the whip saws.
    The 2015 market was a tough place to outperform, unless someone invested in the big 4 early in the year and held. Looking forward to the new adventures 2016 will bring! Blessings to you and your family!
    Warmest Regards, Crol

  14. carol says:

    Hi! Please post Feb 8 even though it is short. Thanks! Carol

  15. carol albano says:

    Dear Gordon, Please post Feb 22 webinar soon. I’d love to hear your take on the market.
    Warmest Regards,

  16. carol albano says:

    Was there a class on Feb 22?

  17. carol albano says:

    Hi Gordon!
    Just saw the post was up for the webinar from Monday. Uncertain times for sure. Glad to hear and appreciative of your perspective. I was driving and could not get to hear Webinar on time Monday. If at all possible, I would be grateful if you could post them to gainsmaster right away when the webinar is over. I love your book and have recommended it to others. The bear market is more difficult. I am in cash treasuries, and gold and praying not too lose principle going forward depending on what happens. I will stay at it and manage my own retirement funds but the bull market is more fun. These are more uncertain times all the way around. It is clearly a real art to be a market technician aside from learning known statistics . You are an artist and I love to watch and listen. Thanks again for offering your insights.
    Blessings and Warmest Regards, Carol

  18. carol albano says:

    Hi Gordon!
    Was thee a recording for April 4?

  19. Adam says:

    Do you know if the webinar is accessible by smartphone when live? Maybe an app is needed?

  20. carol albano says:

    Hi Gordon! I checked in today at 2:15 and since you were not on I walked away from the computer. i just noticed you were on after all, and caught the last sentences. Would it be possible for you to post the recording ASAP. I appreciate your input and love to hear your point of view.
    Warmest Regards, Carol

  21. carol albano says:

    Hi! was there a webinar on Oct 31? I hope so. If so I am looking for the link. Thank you so much ,Gordon! Carol


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