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July 2017

Gordon Says:

“The indications for this month’s STOP-GO model are about as bullish as they have ever been.  The market may experience some volatility along the way, but if there is any dip, investors would do well to buy it.  It looks as though it would take a full eight weeks at a minimum of selling behavior to dominate the market before a new STOP sign could appear. So with that in mind, investors should expect that the market will continue to rise.”



Toni Says:

“With the indexes continually making new highs, our GO sign remains intact.  Also intact is the market’s “serenity,” punctuated by the low, low readings of the VIX, which is touching 14-year lows.

Seasonally speaking, August can deliver a few percentage points of downside risk, but as long as the “buy-the-dip” mentality of traders and investors remains as high as it is now, a retracement should serve as a good buying opportunity.

This could be a good time to corner a little cash.

Keep green on your screen,




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