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June 2017

Gordon Says:

“The indications for this month’s STOP-GO model are about as bullish as they have ever been.  The market may experience some volatility along the way, but if there is any dip, investors would do well to buy it.  It looks as though it would take a full eight weeks at a minimum of selling behavior to dominate the market before a new STOP sign could appear. So with that in mind, investors should expect that the market will continue to rise.”



Toni Says:

“Our GO sign market continues. The major indexes have remained resilient, demonstrated by the May 17th “one-day hiccup” that was quickly healed by frantic buyers.

The SPY is trading at a steep premium to its 12-month SMA, and to its 14-week SMA, and continues to trade near its all-time highs in a positive range.

The worry right now is that stocks, bonds, gold and bitcoins, which rarely move in unison, are now all holding hands as together they move serenely to the upside.  Is there too much serenity?  Too much complacency? As Gordon said, we will surely experience some volatility as we move through the summer.  Assuming our STOP sign is not triggered, we agree that buying the dips will be a profitable strategy.”

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